Everything That Remains

I’ve just finished reading a great book called Everything That Remains.  It is a memoir written by The Minimalists.

The Minimalists are Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus.  Essentially, this book tells the story of how Joshua and Ryan discovered minimalism.

After high flying in their 20s, carving a career, earning high salaries and buying lots of things, Josh and Ryan realised that they weren’t really happy.  It was as if they had an unquenchable thirst that wasn’t being satisfied by the accumulation of status, achievement and things.

Joshua decided to try something different.  He started letting go of his things.  After seeing how it was changing Josh, Ryan started to do the same and the shift that both writers describe in the book is profound.

The book isn’t a step by step introduction to minimalism.  Instead, it offers an explanation of why we should try and live more deliberately, written from the perspective of two young guys who have experienced the pursuit of ‘The Dream’ – to earn lots of money and have lots of things.

One of my favourite ideas from book is to always ask the question ‘how am I adding value to the world?’ and ‘does this item add value to my life?’.

The Minimalists have a website where visitors can learn more about minimalism and subscribe to their essays.  If you are interested in minimalism, it is worth reading the book and exploring their website.