Rapid Urban Revitalisation

Today I read a profile on the founder of Co-Design Studio, Lucinda Hartley in this month’s QANTAS Magazine.  It was an inspiring read and spurred me on to learn more about the organisation.

According to their website, Co-Design Studio ‘specialises in rapid community building and placemaking’.  They focus on test driving ideas and co-designing solutions within the communities they are working in.  Co-Design Studio have worked with a number of communities, both within Australia and internationally.

One of the best offerings on their website is their resources page.  Here you can download the Rapid Urban Revitalisation Toolkit.  This toolkit offers low-cost ideas from the Co-Design Studio team that anyone can use to enrich their community.  I’m excited to try some of these out!

The resources page also links to Tactical Urbanism.  They have recently published their fourth guidebook that illustrates the impact of 20 urban interventions in Australia and New Zealand.

You can follow Co-Design Studios on Twitter and Facebook.